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Colin's Story (Age 15, Transgender)

“Ever since I was a little kid I knew I was a boy in my mind and heart, but when it came to my body I was a girl, so I was always confused. When people called me a girl I would look at them and say, “No I’m a boy,” or I would think, ‘I’m a boy, not a girl.’ Well, here’s a little bit of my story.


“When I was three I would always want to play with my older brother’s cars and not my dolls. I would always rip off the doll’s heads. I can remember I was at my nanny's house once and my brother and me were digging for worms and my mom told me to come on to come home so I wanted to bring the worms with me and I wanted to keep them as a pet. Well, my mom made me wear a sun dress that I hated. I rather go topless and wear shorts. Well any way, I went to go put the worms back (so my mom thought) but I really hid them from her. I was walking funny. She noticed and then my mom looked down at my feet and saw little worms coming out of my socks.


“Then when I turned six my bro was seven. I wanted to play T ball with him but my mom said “No, girls don’t play T ball.” Well, then after that my grandma said I could play T ball. I was the first so-called girl on the team even though I’m not one.


“Then at age seven I was always hanging out with the boys and dressing like one, walking like one, and talking like one, so I guess I acted like one. But at that age I saw my self as a boy and I thought that girls had germs. I remember one day I went to science, the teacher came up to me and said “Hi buddy.” I was so happy! I wasn’t going to tell him I was a girl, but then a girl yelled out, “That’s a girl, not a boy!” That made me so angry and sad, but the teacher didn't believe her so he got another teacher to come in the room and the other FEMALE teacher said “Yes, that is a girl.” I was so embarrassed and sad but the teacher held me after class to see why I dress and act like a boy I told him that I was a boy and from then on he called me “buddy” and “he” and “him,” but then he had to leave the school I was so sad I cried for three days straight. He was the only person who really “got” me.


“Then at the age of fourteen I told my mom I wanted to be a boy but she just let it go in one ear and out the other. Then at age fifteen I told her again and she took me seriously now. So she is in shock thinking she’s losing a daughter, but I was never her daughter. At least she’s trying to learn, but my step-father says “God’s frowning down” on me, but I don’t believe that.


“Well that’s my story, hope you liked it.”




Editor’s note: Colin's name has been changed to protect his privacy. The words are entirely his, but punctuation and capitalization have been added and spelling corrected for readability.



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