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About me...

Much of my life outside work has been involved with helping others in one way or another. I trained as a psychologist/counselor 40 years ago, but never made it my career. For various reasons (mostly related to money), I chose not to complete graduate work and pursued unrelated interests.

Even so, I have always volunteered my time to help others with the skills I acquired in college and later. This has included helping families find appropriate private boarding schools for challenged or gifted students, life coaching and referrals for adolescents with difficult life situations, parent coaching (I'm a successful parent myself), and supervising the education of foster children for the state. I do not charge any fees, nor do I represent myself to be a practicing psychologist, for obvious reasons.

That said, if you're a teen who needs to talk to a sympathetic and knowledgeable adult who can be objective, supportive and discrete, or a parent needing to talk about raising kids,  I'm here for you. My email address is just below. Over the past few years, I have worked mainly with teens dealing with issues related to mild depression, sexual orientation, gender identity, OCD, social anxiety, and parent relationships, but I may be able to support you with other issues as well, or just be a friend.

We can talk with instant messenger, Skype, or email, whichever works best. On very rare occasions, I will talk to someone via telephone, although Skype largely fulfills that need - with video it's almost like being face to face, and it's FREE! I have never found it necessary to meet in person, although it might be possible depending on circumstances.

All my best,                                                                                                                                                   Dave

To contact me: send an email to [email protected]. I generally reply within a few days unless I am traveling.

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